Morgan Bauer Missing Case Finally Solved, Police Announce 2 Arrests and Alleged Murder

Morgan Bauer, a 19-year-old who had recently relocated from South Dakota to Atlanta, Georgia, for a fresh start, went missing in late February 2016, and now, Johnathan Alexander Warren is facing murder charges, while Katelyn Goble is accused of concealing the crime.

Morgan Bauer Missing Case

On Saturday, the Porterdale Police Department disclosed two arrests in connection with the Morgan Bauer missing case that occurred seven years ago. Sergeant Michael Walden of the Porterdale Police Department confirmed that Johnathan Alexander Warren was taken into custody in Los Angeles, CA, facing charges of murder, aggravated assault, concealing a death, and tampering with evidence, says Law and Crime.

According to Atlanta News, Johnathan Alexander Warren, accused as Bauer’s murderer, was apprehended in Los Angeles, California, and charged with murder, aggravated assault, concealing a death, and misdemeanor tampering with evidence. However, authorities have not provided immediate details on the relationship between Warren, Goble, and Bauer.

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Morgan Bauer Missing Case – Photo by: (Crime Online)

 More About Morgan Bauer Missing Case

According to Sherri Keenan, Bauer’s mother, her daughter relocated from South Dakota to Gainesville, Georgia, and worked at a strip club there. While officers initially reported her last sighting on February 25, 2016, her mother claimed that Bauer posted on social media the following day.

The Morgan Bauer missing case happened last February 2016 after she left work, and her phone’s last signal was traced near the Yellow River, adjacent to the property that underwent investigation.

A joint operation involving the FBI, GBI, and Porterdale Police Department conducted an extensive search for the Morgan Bauer missing case in a residence on South Broad Street on July 27th. Investigators revealed that they obtained a search warrant based on new evidence related to Morgan Bauer missing case but did not disclose the specific nature of that evidence.

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