‘My Glock Is Loaded,’ A Homeless Suspect Threatened In The Murder Of A Hollywood Activist

According to court documents, Jameelah Elena Michl, the homeless woman who is suspected of killing social justice activist and Hollywood movie marketer Michael Latt in his home in Los Angeles, allegedly threatened to use a pistol earlier this year.

The 36-year-old wrote, “My Glock is loaded as I write this,” to A.V. Rockwell, the director and Latt’s buddy, whom prosecutors claim Michl was stalking. “One pull of the trigger, and I’ll be free.”

'My Glock Is Loaded,' A Homeless Suspect Threatened In The Murder Of A Hollywood Activist
‘My Glock Is Loaded,’ A Homeless Suspect Threatened In The Murder Of A Hollywood Activist

Rockwell presented the court with a number of “very long and threatening” texts, of which this was only a sample, when requesting a restraining order earlier this year.

An earlier post by The Associated Press included excerpts. Michl allegedly threatened to take her own life in another letter while at Griffith Park, which is roughly five miles away from Latt’s condo.

In Latt’s $800,000 one-bedroom apartment in the Mid-Wilshire neighbourhood, prosecutors said Thursday afternoon that Michl knocked on his door, forced her way inside, and then shot the 33-year-old with a semiautomatic handgun. The incident happened around six o’clock on Monday.

There was at least one other person inside who escaped unharmed. According to authorities, it wasn’t Rockwell. Neighbours said Latt lived with his fiancée in the house.

Michl allegedly singled out Latt due to his acquaintance with Rockwell, according to the prosecution.

After hurriedly taking Latt to the hospital, where he passed away from his wounds, Los Angeles police detained her there.

Michl contributed to Rockwell’s critically acclaimed latest picture, “A Thousand and One,” according to the Los Angeles Times. She was, however, living out of her car, which the police also took into custody.

“As you continue to bask in the glory of ‘A Thousand and One,’ l want you to remember, and not forget all the hell that people went through to help bring your masterpiece to the screen,” Michl wrote to the director in April, according to the documents.

Michl faces allegations of murder, burglary, and illegal use of a firearm. He is being held without bond amounting to $3 million. On December 15, she is expected in court for an arraignment. If found guilty, she could get a maximum sentence of life in jail.

Latt was descended from a prominent Hollywood family. Michelle Satter, his mother, was one of the Sundance Institute’s original directors. His brother works as a renowned talent agent at CAA, while his father produces music.

At Lead With Love, a marketing company he founded, the victim served as both the chief financial officer and executive officer. His stated mission was to “dedicate his career to being of service, supporting influential women and artists of colour and utilising storytelling, art, and more to spark lasting change.”

According to Lead With Love, Latt’s credits include “Fruitvale Station,” a biographical picture about the mother of lynching victim Emmett Till, and “Till,” a 2009 Oscar Grant-winning police-involved killing in Oakland, California.

Additionally, he has attended Black Lives Matter demonstrations and has been an outspoken advocate for progressive social justice issues.

“Not enough change has happened since the 2020 Uprising,” he wrote in a June 2022 Instagram post regarding a protest over the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. “We’ll continue to fight and stand up against police violence and White supremacy until true justice is real in this country.”

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