Navigating the Unsavory Side of Arizona: Unveiling the Most Dangerous Neighborhoods

Arizona is an interesting state that has a ton to offer, but on the other hand it is important to know about the dangers of a portion of its locations. According to NeighborhoodScout, the most dangerous area in Arizona is Maryvale, a neighborhood in the southwest part of Phoenix.

Maryvale has an appalling rate, reflecting 15,000 north criminals by 2020. This north includes 1,000 serious crimes, such as murder, assault and robbery and this area also has a high level of need, with many cases in the 19th century it is considered a sin.

There are reasons why Maryvale is so dangerous. One explanation is that it is a more densely populated district. The population density in Maryvale is north of 10,000 people per square mile, well above the national average. This necessarily means that many individuals are in a more inferior region, potentially opening new doors for evil.

Another logical reason Maryvale is dangerous is that it is a very dreary district. The average family wage in Maryvale is only about $30,000 a year, well below the national average. This means that many individuals in Maryvale struggle to make enough money to pay bills, which can lead to crime.

Finally, Maryvale is an exceptionally young district. The average age in Maryvale is more like 25 years, much lower than the nationalsource of image- wikipedia average. This literally means that there are a ton of young people in Maryvale, and young people will definitely break the law more than a lot of celebrity individuals.

Assuming you are thinking of moving to Arizona, it is important to know about the risks associated with some of its locations. Maryvale is perhaps the most dangerous place in the country, and one should conceivably avoid living there.


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