NE Suspect Accused Of First-Degree Murder Charges: Know More Here

State prosecutors in Nebraska have promised to retry a man who was accused of killing two people in an Omaha home in 2019 after a third mistrial.

NE Suspect Accused Of First-Degree Murder Charges: Know More Here

After jurors indicated they were utterly split, 6 to 6, on whether to convict 24-year-old Nyir Kuek, the case was declared a mistrial by the court last week.

In connection with the shooting murders of Michael Sykora,57, and Tracy Atkins,50, in their home in June 2019, Kuek is accused of two counts of first-degree murder in addition to other felonies. According to investigators, witnesses claimed that before Kuek shot Sykora, the two got into a fight in the home’s basement. Then, according to the police, Kuek shot Atkins in the bedroom.

To try Kuek, the prosecution has relied on circumstantial evidence, including the testimony of witnesses.

In 2020, Kuek’s initial trial resulted in a mistrial after a witness tested positive for COVID-19. When one juror chose not to convict him, his second trial likewise resulted in a mistrial.

Kuek will face trial a fourth time from the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office, which is now handling the case, according to spokeswoman Suzanne Gauge. A pretrial meeting to consider the prosecution’s next actions has been scheduled for mid-January.

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