New Jersey Woman’s Only Son, Aspiring DJ, Tragically Killed in Hamas Attack on Israeli Dance Party

A former New Jersey resident was assassinated in Israel after allegedly attending a Hamas-sponsored party earlier this week.

According to the New York Post, Laor Abramov, 20, lived in New Jersey with his mother, a US citizen, until 2022, when he relocated to Israel to serve in the IDF.

“My heart aches on the death of our beloved Laor Abramov,” wrote Abramov’s father, Israeli DJ David Abramov, in a translated Facebook post. “Our home is open to anyone who wishes to come and express his heartfelt sympathies.” There will be no service. (A private ceremony will be held.)”

Michal Halev, Abramov’s mother, revealed her son’s death on Facebook on Thursday.

My only son, the love of my life, died. According to a translation, she wrote, “The world has come to a halt.”

According to the Post, Abramov aspired to be a famous DJ like his father. He had gone missing earlier this week while attending a party in Israel that was ambushed by Hamas terrorists.

“He phoned his dad in the morning — my brother — in the morning around 7:30, saying, ‘People are shooting at us,'” Yael Abramov, Abramov’s aunt, told the New York Post on Tuesday.

Abramov also informed his family that he was going to a “missile shelter” and that they should not be concerned. He also stated that he would not “be able to speak because it’s very noisy,” according to Yael Abramov, paraphrasing her nephew.

“After that, we didn’t know anything that was going on,” she told me.


Before he vanished, a photo shared with the Post shows Laor in a missile shelter with other people. His family was then informed that he had been killed as a result of Hamas assault in Israel.

According to Yael Abramov’s mother-in-law, the “feeling of safety is completely gone” in Israel, and Hamas militants are “Isis on steroids.”

“And where is Biden?” she followed up. “Why aren’t Americans looking after their own citizens?” This is an American’s child.”

Since Hamas commenced its attack on October 7, Israel has reported over 1,300 deaths and 3,200 injuries. According to the prime minister’s office, over 6,000 rockets have been launched against Israel since Saturday.

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