Nima Momeni to Stand Trial for Murder in CashApp Founder’s Fatal Stabbing

Nima Momeni, the accused in the stabbing death of Cash App founder Bob Lee, will proceed to trial as a judge determined there is sufficient evidence to charge him with murder.

Nima Momeni and His Murder Case

Nima Momeni, who is scheduled to appear in court on August 15 after entering a not-guilty plea in May, knew the victim and was in the same car with him on the night of the murder, according to authorities.

Momeni’s defense team argued that the two individuals were friends and there was no malice involved, even requesting the judge consider manslaughter instead of murder. However, the judge denied the request, and Momeni’s defense expressed that they had anticipated this outcome. Momeni’s defense attorneys asserted that the video of Momeni and Lee leaving Millenium Tower on the morning of the incident did not depict two individuals engaged in an angry altercation. They argued there was no evidence of premeditation and suggested the possibility that Lee could have had the knife in his possession. Furthermore, the defense attorney, Saam Zanganeh, mentioned that someone under the influence of drugs like cocaine and ketamine might exhibit irrational behavior.

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Nima Momeni and His Murder Case – Photo by: (Hawaii Tribune-Herald)

Further Details About the CashApp Founder’s Fatal Stabbing Incident

During the court proceedings, prosecutors presented DNA evidence from a knife discovered near the crime scene, which is highly likely to belong to Nima Momeni, according to the San Francisco police’s DNA expert, Alain Oyafuso. The defense argued that the evidence does not establish how or when the DNA ended up on the knife and contended that it is a commonly available item. Police claim the knife came from Momeni’s sister’s apartment. Based on the DNA evidence, the case was deemed fit for trial by Dorfman.

On Monday in court, prosecutors showed surveillance footage that linked Nima Momeni to the death of Lee. Prosecutors said that Nima Momeni was behind the wheel of the white BMW that Lee was seen getting into on the video. Near where Lee fell to the ground after being stabbed, other surveillance cameras caught the same car. Prosecutors said that the white BMW took the Bay Bridge to get to Momeni’s home in Emeryville, which is just north of Oakland. Officer Milad Rashidian of the San Francisco Police Department testified that Momeni lived in the house mentioned.

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