‘No justice, no peace. Justice for Palestine’, Remarks A Teacher: Here’s What You Need To Know About It

A worried Texas mom said that her Israeli high school daughter was singled out by her instructor, who was accused of making antisemitic remarks during a class.

 'No justice, no peace. Justice for Palestine', Remarks A Teacher: Here's What You Need To Know About It

Freshman Talya Hayoun of Dickinson High School in Dickinson, Texas, informed FOX 26 Houston that she entered her English class and saw the well-known pro-Palestinian maxim “No justice, no peace” written on the whiteboard. Palestine deserves justice.”

Israeli Talya claimed the message wasn’t included in the lesson, but rather she saw it as a chance for the teacher to talk to her children about her thoughts on the current Israel-Hamas conflict.

Talya said to FOX 26 that her teacher had enquired as to her place of origin.

“She said, ‘Oh, you still have family in Israel?’ I said, ‘Yes, of course. All my family is over there. And I’m from there too,'” Talya said.

Talya added that because she is the only Israeli student in the public high school, the incident made her feel afraid and alone.

“I’m really, really scared. I’m the only Israeli at school,” Talya said. “No one is Jewish over there. They made me feel guilty that I’m Jewish and that I’m from Israel.”

When the parents of the teenager learned about their 14-year-old experience in the classroom, they became furious.

“What is the benefit here? What is the purpose here? Someone needs to take responsibility here for this situation here because my daughter, she is not at fault that she is Israeli,” said Benjamin Hayoun, Talya’s father.

The Hayouns formally complained to the Dickinson ISD and the school system on Thursday.

A district representative told FOX 26 that both the district and the police are looking into the claims.

“Dickinson ISD is aware of a situation on Thursday morning involving a Dickinson High School English teacher whose parents have said wrote a statement on the board related to the Israeli and Palestine war,” a spokesperson said. “The parents have met with high school administration, and the district is investigating the situation.”

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