“No one went hungry”: An Illinois Deputy Can Be Seen In A Video Delivering A DoorDash Meal After The Driver Is Arrested

After the driver was taken into custody during a traffic stop, an Illinois law enforcement officer was seen on camera delivering a DoorDash order to a client.

The Kane County Sheriff’s Office shared a video showing Deputy Milner approaching a house while holding an order on Thursday on Facebook.

“My deputies always follow through,” Ron Hain, the sheriff of Kane County, stated. “After having to arrest a food delivery driver, he completed the order to ensure no one went hungry.”

In the January 14, 2024, Ring doorbell camera footage, Milner can be seen approaching the house on a snow-covered walkway. After that, he rings the doorbell, and someone inside hears a dog barking.

The resident asked Milner whether the driver had been in an accident when she opened the door.

“Nope, he got arrested, but we wanted to make sure you got your food. You guys have a good night,” the deputy said.’

The resident then tells Milner, “You guys are amazing. Thank you.”

Fox News Digital contacted DoorDash regarding the issue, but DoorDash did not answer right away.

Fox News Digital was informed by Amy Johnson, the chief public relations officer for the Kane County Sheriff’s Office, that Abrahan J. Salazar Salas, the food delivery driver, was stopped for a traffic infraction. He was accused of several misdemeanours.

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