Ohio Police Discover Terrible Evidence Following The Walmart Mass Shooting On A Bodycam Footage

Body camera footage of the Ohio police’s SWAT response to a mass shooting at a nearby Walmart, as well as their finding of the gunman’s lifeless body, has been made public.

The Beavercreek Police Department reports that Benjamin Charles Jones, 20, of Dayton, opened fire at the store at 8:30 p.m. on Monday, firing multiple bullets randomly with his Hi-Point.45-caliber Carbine Long Gun, hurting three ladies and one male.

Ohio Police Discover Terrible Evidence Following The Walmart Mass Shooting On A Bodycam Footage

While searching for the gunman, responding officers can be seen entering the store with their rifles drawn and moving cautiously past Christmas decorations in the frantic bodycam footage.

At the store’s visitor’s centre, they eventually discovered Jones dead from an “apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound”.

“Got ‘em — shooter’s down,” one officer can be heard saying into his radio on the footage.

Witness Alisha Ring claimed to have heard roughly ten rounds after Jones had passed her, but police were unable to ascertain how many times he had fired before turning the gun on himself:

“I was literally just shopping for Thanksgiving stuff, and this guy walked right past me with an assault rifle and started shooting,” Ring said in a tearful Facebook Live video from the store’s parking lot. “He shot like ten times, and I don’t even know how much more after that. I just know that I’m so lucky to be alive right now, he literally walked right past me… How do people do stuff like this?”

The “tall, skinny white guy,” Jones, according to Ring, began firing in the freezer area of the store. At that moment, she fled in the direction of the nearest exit.

According to a Beavercreek Police Department officer who spoke with Fox News Digital, of Jones’ four victims, three are in stable condition and one is still critically ill. At press time, the department declined to offer any additional comments.

According to the New York Post, the man’s pickup truck was pulled from the store’s parking lot after the shooting, and both it and Jones’ house were searched.

According to a department announcement on X on Wednesday, the FBI’s Cincinnati Field Office is currently looking for additional details about the 20-year-old.

The Cincinnati FBI Field Office’s associate special agent in charge, Zrinka Dilber, told WLWT that the agency is investigating the suspect’s past in an effort to determine a possible motive and whether Jones had a link with any of his victims.

According to a source who spoke with the New York Post, Jones had been hospitalised three times in the previous three years for voluntary and involuntary 72-hour mental health exams.

If this claim is accurate, it is unclear how Jones got his gun because, according to federal law, no one who has been imprisoned in a mental health facility is permitted to lawfully purchase a firearm.

“There were warning signs and red flags,” the source said on Tuesday. “He talked about right-wing conspiracy theories, that the Holocaust didn’t happen; he’d started talking about white supremacy stuff.”

According to the insider who spoke with the site, Jones went to an online Christian school and was “not socialised”. The informant claimed that Jones had posted a Nazi flag on the wall beside his bed.

This week, there have been two gunshot incidents at Walmart. A man and lady from Alaska were shot and killed as they entered a building in Anchorage.

A statement was issued by Walmart in the wake of the shooting on Monday.

“Following Monday’s tragedy at our Beavercreek store, our focus has remained on supporting our associates’ well-being. While speaking with them about when to reopen and resume serving customers, their overwhelming feedback was to do so as soon as possible,” a spokesperson said.

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