Ohio Police Shot The Girlfriend’s Killer Suspect Fatally After Pursuit

A homicide suspect was shot and killed by Toledo police after it was reported that he had run away from them after his live-in girlfriend died and had then been pointing a gun at them.

Ohio Police Shot The Girlfriend's Killer Suspect Fatally After Pursuit

Albert Alderman, 33, was questioned by police earlier after he contacted 911 just after six a.m. on Sunday and reported that Kelsie Barnier, 29, was not responding. At first, the police said the body showed no indications of trauma. However, authorities said the coroner for Lucas County later determined that Barnier had died by strangulation and declared the death to be a homicide.

Alderman agreed to meet when they called him, according to the police, but he later declined. Just before 3 p.m. on Sunday, SWAT detectives dispatched to his residence observed him driving away, according to the police. He escaped when police tried to stop him, and he then threw a revolver out of his window and aimed it at them, according to the police. According to authorities, Alderman’s car’s back window was shot by a cop.

Later, according to police, he unexpectedly stopped the car, got out, and brandished a revolver at the policemen. Then four cops opened fire, sending him to the ground.

Alderman started to stand up again and aimed the gun at the policemen, but they kept shooting, leading him to fall again while holding the gun and pointing it at them, according to the police. He was eventually able to get the gun taken away from him, and according to the police, he was declared dead there.

Two of the cops are receiving medical attention for the hearing loss they received during the events, and the officers will be placed on paid administrative leave while the inquiry is ongoing, according to the police. Information on the policemen, footage from dash cameras, and footage from body cameras will be made public later, according to officials.

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