Oklahoma Town Plans to Ticket Homeless People

The people who are experiencing homelessness in jurisdiction of Oklahoman City would get the ticket and fine, as approved by a board of city commissioners in an Oklahoman city.

As decided by the Shawnee Board of City Commissioners on Monday, no one would be allowed to sleep outside, lying down, sitting down or placing items in the right-of-way in Shawnee’s downtown area. This ordinance was passed in order to make the city safer for both the residents and the visitors because there is possibility of homeless people being criminal.According to the new rule, the person who would violates the ordinance of city would be fined when they were previously notified by the law enforcement.

The other reason of this was the people sleeping outside, sitting or lying down could be an obstruction for others such as a sidewalk in front of a business, or placing items someplace that similarly obstruct others.

Shawnee Mayor Ed Bold also confirmed on Monday that the violators who are unable to pay the fine could possibly be ordered to perform community service instead. The fine would be only worth $10, as the goal is “not to criminalise homelessness.”

This ordinance would come in effect on January 15, 2024.

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