Old American Laws: Is It Weird or Not?

Every now and again, weird laws make the news, but old American Laws are way more prevalent than I had anticipated.

Old American Laws: Is It Weird or Not?
Old American Laws: Is It Weird or Not?

Check Out These Weird Old American Laws

  1. Oklahoma and Ohio: you can’t make faces at a dog
  2. California: It’s illegal to eat a frog if it died during a frog-jumping competition.
  3. Florida: it’s illegal to sing in your swimsuit
  4. Arizona: you can’t have a donkey sleeping in your bathtub after 7 p.m.
  5. Kansas: illegal to serve ice cream on cherry pie
  6. California: it’s against the law to eat an orange while taking a bath
  7. Alabama: it’s illegal to drive while blindfolded
  8. Arkansas: it’s illegal to sound your horn at any place where cold drinks or sandwiches are served after 9 p.m.
  9. Delaware: it’s against the law for a pawnbroker to accept an artificial limb or wheelchair as payment
  10. Georgia: it’s illegal to consume fried chicken by any other means than with your hands
  11. Louisiana: it’s illegal for a woman to drive a car without her husband waving a flag in front of it beforehand
  12. Maine: it’s illegal to bite your landlord
  13. Kansas: it’s illegal to throw knives at men wearing striped suits
  14. Georgia: it’s illegal to tie a giraffe to a telephone pole or street lamp
  15. New York: it’s illegal to shine shoes after 1 p.m. on a Sunday
  16. Ohio: it’s against the law for stores to sell cornflakes on Sundays
  17. Minnesota: it’s illegal to eat hamburgers on a Sunday
  18. Florida: it’s illegal to eat cottage cheese on a Sunday
  19. Michigan: it’s illegal to tie a crocodile or alligator to a fire hydrant
  20. New Jersey: it’s illegal to slurp your soup in public
  21. New Jersey: it’s illegal to purchase ice cream after 6 p.m.
  22. Alabama, Kentucky and Georgia: it’s against the law to walk down the street with an ice cream cone in your back pocket
  23. Alaska: it’s illegal to push a moose out of a moving airplane
  24. Florida: it’s illegal to fart in public after 6 p.m.

Lists of the Weird Old American laws that you had no idea existed were built for the internet; they’re quirky, they’re entertaining, and after auditing them, I can tell you that around 95% of them are false. The majority of the well-known ones you see on these kind of lists are either entirely fictitious, have been long ago repealed, or were simply selected arbitrarily from their genuine legal context in order to seem more catchy than they actually are. For more information, check out BuzzFeed.

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