On the initial day of the ceasefire, Hamas releases 24 hostages from Gaza

Following the release of 24 hostages held by Hamas in Gaza, US President Joe Biden stated on Friday that Americans have even more reasons to be grateful on Thanksgiving. However in a move that seemed to mirror Israel’s stance, Biden added that the accord demonstrated that the terror group would only “respond to the pressure.”

On Friday, the initial day of the war’s first ceasefire, Hamas fighters freed 24 prisoners, including Thai farm labourers and Israeli’s women and children, after gunfire stopped for the first time in seven weeks throughout the Gaza strip.

On the initial day of the ceasefire, Hamas releases 24 hostages from Gaza

8 employees of international committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) were present in a four car convoy when the captives were taken out of Gaza and given to Egyptian authorities at the Rafah border crossing, according to ICRC.

I don’t think Hamas can accomplish anything well, Joe Biden made remarks in regard to the context. The Israeli’s prime minister has been urged by Biden “to focus on trying to reduce the number of causalities while he is attempting to eliminating Hamas, which is the legitimate objective, ” Biden said in the response to a question about whether he had put pressure on Netanyahu to provide a timetable for the end of the conflict.

“I am not sure how long that will long it will take and it’s a tough undertaking. I hope and expect that as we move forward, all sides in the region’s Arab world will also be under pressure to slow down and stop this as soon as possible,” Biden continued.

As part of Israel and Hamas’ multi-day ceasefire, which was the first since the conflict began last month, thirteen Israelis and eleven foreign people from Thailand and the Philippines were freed on November 24.

According to the Israeli military, the freed captives were brought to hospitals so they could be reunited with their families after undergoing a medical evaluation on Israeli soil.

The four-day truce between Israel and Hamas stipulates that 150 Palestinian women and children who are among the thousands of inmates in Israeli jails will be exchanged for the release of 50 women and children who are hostages. According to Israel, if additional captives are freed at a rate of ten every day, the ceasefire may be prolonged.

These freed on Friday were swapped for fifteen teenagers and twenty-four imprisoned Palestinian women. According to witnesses, Israeli police visited the houses of the inmates’ families in Jerusalem in at least three instances before to their release. The police would not comment.

“In addition, we should be grateful that families are getting their loved ones back after being kidnapped for almost 50 days,” Biden stated in prepared remarks to the media while spending Thanksgiving in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Biden said, “My wife and I are ‘keeping them all in our prayers today.’ The teddy bears waiting to greet those [released] children at the hospital are a stark reminder of the trauma these children have been through and at such a young age.”

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