One step closer to ban TikTok is taken

Since violence got erupted between Israel and Hamas, a massive increase in antisemitism has been seen. This can be combated by a nationwide ban of TikTok that took traction when a Democratic senator had suggested doing so.

Chris Murphy of Connecticut who previously spoke out for restricting TikTok’s access in the U.S. in an interview with The Dispatch on Thursday told that he had already stopped supporting regulation of the social media platform to an outright ban since the October 7 Hamas attack in Israel due its ability to “drive this narrative” of “hateful speech” among young people.

Chris Murphy told the digital news outlet ,”The way that TikTok is talking about Gaza is designed to divide Americans from each other”. He also suggested that they should not use such kind of Chinese owned social media platform that force-feeds divisive information to our kids.

Lawmakers had already restricted the use of such platform in order to their concern towards national security and had forced the company to ban it. This directly alleged links to the Chinese government. The company was denying it again and again that it was being used to spy on American citizens and said it would defend users’ access.

To ban the TikTok app, Montana became the first state in U.S. in May and this would become in effect on January 1. This step would not ban the previous year but are seeking to fine vendors who provide downloads of it.The district judge of U.S. had issued a preliminary injunction blocking the ban on the grounds it infringed users’ free speech, following a challenge on the same grounds by TikTok.

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