Oregon man turns himself in after allegedly killing his wife in their home

A 41-year old man from Oregon City turned himself into police after shooting allegedly his wife in the head.The man named Anthony Wessel went to the Oregon City Police Department on November 13 on Monday just before 1 p.m. and admitted that he shot his wife in the head at their home situated in the 13400 block of Squire Drive. Then the officers rushed towards their home and found his 37-year-old wife Anna Wessel lying dead.As the report confirmed there were no other people inside the home at the time of incident. Anthony Wessel is taken into custody in Clackamas County Jail and charged of second-degree murder and unlawful use of weapon.

Anthony and Anna were married for 18 years as confirmed by the court documents obtained by KATU-TV.

Wessel was appeared in the court on Tuesday, November 14 and confronted that he shot his wife twice in her head and the autopsy reports confirmed the statement of Anthony.

Anthony is set to appear again in the court on November,21 and the investigation is still ongoing.

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