Over 500 Kids Were Missing And ‘Scared’ After Masked Intruders Broke Into A Washington State High School

Over 500 pupils were absent from a Washington state high school on Tuesday after a small group of disguised persons caused havoc during the school day on Monday.

Over 500 Kids Were Missing And 'Scared' After Masked Intruders Broke Into A Washington State High School

According to the Auburn School District, 532 pupils were absent from Auburn Riverside High School on Tuesday after an event rocked up the close-knit school community.

“We had an incident on Monday that has been widely publicized that has contributed to the number of students absent at that school [Tuesday],” a spokesperson from the school district said.

Brandy Garber, whose daughter attends high school, claimed she kept her daughter after the event.

“She’s scared. Then on the other side of it, she wants to go to school because she feels like her grades are dropping with me keeping her out. But as a parent, what do you do?” Gerber told local news station KIRO-TV.

According to the Auburn Police Department, five masked individuals approached a side door of the school building about 1 p.m. on Monday and entered a classroom.

Auburn police verified to Fox News Digital that the burglars went through the corridors, pushed four kids, and punched another.

According to Garber, her daughter stated that commotion ensued once the disguised attackers entered the school hallways.

“She said everybody started running,” Garber told KIRO-TV. “They said people came in and were masked and were pushing people out of the way.”

According to authorities, school personnel acted promptly, chasing the individuals off school grounds.

“Administrators chased them and got them out of the building pretty fast,” a spokesperson at the police department said.

Authorities suspect the incident was caused by a quarrel on school grounds last week.

Following the event, the local high school was placed on a “secure and teach” lockdown for the remainder of the day. Students remained in their designated classes as exterior and interior doors were closed and secured.

Additional officers have been stationed on school campuses and at football games this week, according to police.

Dr. Alan Spicciati, Superintendent of Auburn Riverside, told KIRO-TV that the school will “take some very serious action.”

“We have a lot of students and families upset about this. I’m upset. And we are going to take some very serious action because when you make choices, there is accountability,” Dr. Spicciati said.

Authorities are still investigating the event, and the disruptive students were not supposed to be on campus, according to authorities.

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