Owner Contacts Police After Squatter And Motel Staff Get Into A Deadly Altercation

The owner of the motel in North Carolina was allegedly shot by a man who was supposedly squatting there, and he then turned the pistol on himself, starting a police standoff that tragically ended.

Owner Contacts Police After Squatter And Motel Staff Get Into A Deadly Altercation

Just after 10 a.m. on Wednesday, according to Newport Police Chief Keith Lewis, officials got a 911 call reporting someone intruding on the Hostess House motel in Newport. According to the chief, there was a “disturbance” overheard during the emergency call, and later on, there was another 911 call reporting that someone had been shot at the hotel, as reported by the Carteret County News-Times.

“Within moments, officers arrived on scene,” the chief said.

When the police and Carteret County Sheriff’s Office arrived on the scene, they discovered that Satyen Naik, the manager and owner of the motel, 46, was suffering from a gunshot wound. The man, who was taken from the motel by the authorities and was popularly known as “Baca,” was taken to a nearby hospital where he later passed away from his wounds.

According to the authorities, the motel is a family-run enterprise.

Authorities say that in the meantime, 59-year-old Troy Leon Kellum, the alleged shooter and squatter, locked himself in a hotel room.

“The suspect had barricaded himself in the room,” Lewis said. “This prompted us to alert the SRT (Special Response Team) team and request their assistance in retrieving the barricaded person from the room.”

Asa Buck, the sheriff of Carteret County, told WCTI 12 that investigators “pinged” the suspect’s mobile to confirm that he was locked in a room and spent hours speaking with him via his friends and negotiators. Authorities said that the man, however, resisted all attempts by the police to have him leave the room peacefully.

In the middle of talks, authorities placed area schools under “soft lockdowns” and considered closing a highway in order to better safeguard the public. It is said that Kellum turned the pistol he still had on him on himself.

Following hours of fruitless conversations, Kellum shot himself as members of the police department’s Special Response Team entered the room, according to the Carteret County News-Times.

Despite having a local address on file with the police, Kellum is said to have been homeless at the time of his death. It was alleged that the individual had been squatting at the nearby motel and other structures.

Authorities claimed that Naik’s initial 911 contact to them on Wednesday morning was probably prompted when he saw Kellum squatting at the motel.

In 2020, Kellum was previously accused of getting property by deception. According to records from the North Carolina Department of Adult Correction, Kellum was on probation for the crime when he passed away.

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