Parental Choice Tax Credit – A New Twist in Education Finance

Tax Credit Money Redirected

Tax Credit Commission Rules

According to KFOR, in Oklahoma, some people found out that part of their tax credit money didn’t go towards their children’s school fees. Instead it went to pay off their own overdue taxes or debts. The Tax Commission said this was because of rules that require them to use the money to settle any money owed to the state or other organizations.

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Parental Choice Tax Credit – A New Twist in Education Finance. (PHOTO: Merit)

Oklahoma Lawmakers Acknowledge Lack of Transparency in Tax Credit Usage, Seek Solutions with Proposed Bill

Senator Julia Kirt from Oklahoma City said there’s not enough transparency in how this money is being used. She thinks it’s important for people to know where their tax credit money is going. Senate President Pro Tem Greg Treat also agrees that there are problems and is working on a bill to fix them. However, there are still questions about how to deal with debts owed to the Tax Commission.

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