Parents Assault DeKalb Co. School Bus Driver; Community Demands Accountability

A DeKalb Co. school bus driver was assaulted by two parents while transporting students home from Chapel Hill Elementary School.

DeKalb Co. School Bus Driver Assaulted by Parents

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This assault on the school bus driver has sparked widespread concern and outrage within the community. Residents and parents alike have been vocal about the traumatic experience endured not only by the bus driver but also by the children present during the incident. The DeKalb County School District has not revealed the specific circumstances that led to the violent altercation involving the school bus driver. Eyewitnesses, however, provided chilling accounts. Neighbors residing near Skidmore and Flakes Mill roads reported hearing terrified screams and cries from the children onboard. The trauma of the attack was palpable, but the swift actions of the school bus driver ensured that none of the children were harmed. Chapel Hill Elementary School’s principal swiftly addressed the incident in a heartfelt letter to the parents and guardians. In the correspondence, the principal emphasized, “Acts of violence or aggression are not reflective of our school’s values.” The school further reiterated the importance of safety and well-being, assuring that additional counselors and support staff would be available to help any students affected by the event. This measure aims to provide a safe space for students, especially since the attack on the school bus driver occurred in close proximity to the school.

School Bus Driver in DeKalb Co. Attacked on Duty

Parents Assault School Bus Driver in DeKalb (PHOTO: Element)

Parents with students at the school expressed their deep dismay at the incident. One parent lamented, “Anybody could have gotten hurt besides the school bus driver. Such an act could make students apprehensive about taking the bus in the future.” Another parent highlighted the responsibilities that come with adulthood, stating, “You have to remember that these are impressionable children and they’re learning from us consistently.” The assault on the school bus driver has undeniably underscored the need for adults to set positive examples for the younger generation. In Georgia, legal statutes clearly outline that it’s against the law to abuse a school bus driver, especially when children are present on the bus. The aftermath of this alarming incident leaves several unanswered questions. While it remains uncertain whether the parents involved in the assault on the school bus driver will face charges, the DeKalb County School District’s police department has taken the lead in the ongoing investigation.

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