Parents Outraged Over Alleged Sexual Assault of 5-Year-Old at South LA Elementary School

Parents at Budlong Avenue Elementary School in South Los Angeles voiced their fury at the alleged sexual assault of a 5-year-old pupil during a meeting on Friday in the school’s auditorium. Gina Hughes, the school’s principal, urged parents to voice their worries.

Mother Alleges Sexual Assault of Autistic Child at School, Calls for Increased Safety Measures

Hughes earlier left a voicemail for parents informing them that she places the greatest importance on campus safety.

The mother of a five-year-old autistic boy claims that another youngster sexually molested her son in a school bathroom.

When the mother picked up her son from school that day and discovered that his trousers were inside out and his shoes were on the wrong feet, she claimed she immediately realised something was amiss.

The mother of the child claims that more has to be done despite the Los Angeles Police Department’s investigation.

The mother claims that her son was sexually molested in a school toilet.

She continued, “He told me that another boy took off his trousers and groped his private area.

She said that the other boy engaged in oral sex.

Mother Speaks Out After 5-Year-Old Autistic Child Allegedly Sexually Assaulted at School

The mother claimed that a few weeks ago, she got a call from the school telling her to bring up her kid because he was having a problem.

His shoes were on the wrong feet and his trousers were inside out when she went to retrieve him. He revealed what had occurred to her.

She recalled that she was shocked at the time. “I hurried back to his school and told them what had happened as soon as possible.”

They contacted a different teacher and the playtime supervisor, but nobody took notice.

His mother made a police call. The autistic 5-year-old was transferred to a hospital and checked there.

My baby didn’t even want the doctor near him when we went to the hospital, the mother remarked. He was traumatised and avoided eye contact with others.

“At that precise moment, I was overcome with guilt. I felt helpless since I couldn’t defend him.

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