Philadelphia’s Most Dangerous Neighborhoods to Watch Out For

Philadelphia is the capital of Pennsylvania. It has many fun things to do and places to eat, but it is also a big city with a high crime rate. There are many good places for families in Philadelphia, but the crime rate is higher than in most other cities in the United States.

The Ten Philadelphia neighbourhoods with the highest crime rates

  1. Strawberry Mansion: This neighbourhood is frequently associated with more violent incidents, such as fights and crimes.
  2. Allegheny West: People in this area are sometimes subjected to more violence, making it more dangerous.
  3. Hartranft: Because of the higher levels of violence in this neighbourhood, it is one of the more difficult areas.
  4. North Central: There are more violent incidents here, so be cautious.
  5. Belmont: This neighbourhood has a higher rate of violent activity, so be cautious.
  6. Tioga-Nicetown: Residents in this area may face increased violence, so take precautions.
  7. Point Breeze: Because this neighbourhood can have higher levels of violence at times, it’s important to be vigilant.
  8. Haddington-Carroll Park: More violent incidents have been reported in this area, so be cautious.
  9. Elmwood: Because of the higher rate of violent activity in this neighbourhood, it is critical to stay safe.
  10. Fairhill: Because more violence is possible in this neighbourhood, it is critical to be aware of your surroundings.

Is Philadelphia safe?

Some Philadelphia neighbourhoods are safer than others. Check the Philadelphia Police Department’s website or other sources such as the Philadelphia Inquirer or Area Vibes to find out which areas are safer.

Most crimes in Philadelphia do not involve tourists. They are typically associated with drugs, trafficking, or gangs.

Tourists may still fall victim to scams and theft, such as losing money, luggage, jewellery, or cell phones. So, be cautious when exploring the city.

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