Pilot Escapes Plane Crash Near House In New Hampshire With Remarkable Survival

Shortly after departure on Friday morning, a small plane crashed in a forested area behind a house in southern New Hampshire. The pilot, the only occupant, was rescued alive from the wreckage, according to officials.

Pilot Escapes Plane Crash Near House In New Hampshire With Remarkable Survival

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Londonderry Fire Department both confirmed that the aircraft, a Beechcraft Model 99 twin-engine turboprop cargo plane, crashed at the edge of a backyard on Colonial Drive in Londonderry at around 7:30 a.m. after taking off from Manchester-Boston Regional Airport.

According to Londonderry Fire Chief Bo Butler, the unidentified pilot was recovered from the debris and sent to a nearby hospital before being flown to a hospital in Boston.

The extent of the victim’s injuries was not disclosed by officials, but Butler stated that the pilot was conscious the entire time and was one of several others who called 911 for assistance.

Photographs taken at the scene display the aircraft’s tail appearing to have broken off, and the twisted metal of the debris is visible on the ground between trees.

“He [the pilot] was probably about 70 feet from a residence, a single-family residence, where the line of the residence met the tree line of the woods,” Butler said.

“Very, very close.”

According to the FAA, Wiggins Air Flight 1046 crashed while travelling to Presque Isle International Airport in Maine.

Although authorities say the pilot radioed for assistance shortly after takeoff, the cause of the aircraft’s accident is yet unknown.

“It was a challenging environment because, as you can imagine, the fuselage is very compromised and damaged,” Butler said. “So, getting access to the pilot himself through the crews and the rescue tools was very, very difficult. But, ultimately, they pulled it off relatively quickly.”

Butler declared the pilot’s survival to be fortunate.

“He needs to play the lotto. We were called in to handle a really serious issue, and there were many other potential problems besides the aircraft accident. Consequently, in this instance, the mitigation efforts were quite effective and successful.”

Butler complimented his team for their prompt response. He stated that a team arrived at the location eight minutes after the 911 call was placed.

Butler stated, “There were downed power lines and the aircraft had about 250 gallons of fuel on board. This was an extremely high-risk, low-frequency event that was professionally and competently mitigated by members of the Londonderry Fire Department.” There was no fire, he claimed, but a hazardous materials management (HAZMAT) team did respond.

The owner of the house next to the crash site, Eddie Saktanaset, told WBZ-TV that after hearing a big explosion, his wife and he began receiving calls from their neighbours.

“We feel very blessed to be alive right now because it’s so close to our house,” Saktanaset said.

The jet had crashed in the woods behind his house, they discovered when they dashed outside.

“I was surprised to see a plane crash,” Saktanaset said. “It sounded more like trees falling down.”

No other flights utilizing Manchester-Boston Regional Airport were impacted by the disaster.

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