Pit Bulls In A California Yard Mauled And Murdered A Man: Know More Here

After being savagely mauled by pit bulls in his garden, a man from California died.

Authorities responded to a 911 call on Friday morning at approximately eight in the morning, according to the Compton Fire Department and the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

The 35-year-old boyfriend of the woman who called in a panic, according to the authorities, was badly injured after being attacked by pit dogs.

In the rear of the couple’s Compton, California house, there was a dog kennel where the man was discovered dead when officials arrived.

Authorities started looking into what may have preceded the vicious dog attack after it happened.

The mauling, according to sheriff’s office officials, happened sometime between 7:30 and 8 p.m. on Thursday.

Authorities cited security footage showing some of the attack.

The man seems to have been feeding the dogs at the time of the vicious attack, according to the police.

They claimed that after a few of the dogs started fighting, the man was attacked.

Eight puppies and five adults comprised the couple’s 13 pit bulls at home, according to investigators.

Along with removing the pit bulls from the backyard, Los Angeles County Animal Control also responded to the property to assess whether any of the canines needed to be put to sleep.

According to the officials, the inquiry is still ongoing.

The man’s identity is being kept under wraps for the time being.

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