Police Are Informed By A Suspected Texas Serial Killer That There Are More Victims

Raul Meza Jr., the suspected serial killer, told police, “I think you are looking for me,” over the phone before being taken into custody for several killings.

Police Are Informed By A Suspected Texas Serial Killer That There Are More Victims

That happened in May of last year. He is being held in a Texas prison on suspicion of killing Gloria Lofton, 65, by strangulation in 2019 and Jesse Fraga, 80, a former probation officer, by capital murder in 2023.

According to Austin police, Meza is suspected of carrying out up to ten further killings, but he has not been tried in any of the crimes as investigators continue to piece together his alleged killing spree.

Former Austin Police Sgt. Bruce Mills reportedly claimed, “Here’s a serial killer that justice was not served,” according to Fox 7 Austin.

Law enforcement obtained a search order for Meza’s Google account on Tuesday, spanning the period from November 1, 2016, to May 29, 2023.

In addition to information connecting him to at least two deaths in San Antonio, investigators think there is information that will connect him to a 2018 cold case in Austin.

Meza’s criminal history dates back to 1982 when he victimised an 8-year-old girl outside of an Austin elementary school by sexually assaulting her and strangling her.

Before being released, he completed 11 years of a 30-year sentence. After returning to prison in 1994 after breaking his parole, he was let out again in 2002. Meza spent 2016 on parole.

“Meza committed additional sexual assaults after his supervised release ended in 2016 and believe data associated with the Google LLC account herein will assist investigators in corroborating Meza as a suspect in the murder of Gloria Lofton, Jesse Fraga and the shooting he admitted to in San Antonio as well as additional cold case homicides,” the search warrant said, according to a report by the Austin American-Statesman.

College student Nicole Coleman, whose nude body was discovered in a wooded region of Austin in 2018 with evidence of trauma, is thought to be one of Meza’s victims.

Her unsolved murder has cast a shadow of uncertainty over the community for many years.

“That’s a huge concern for us,” Nicole’s mom, Dawn Coleman, told KVUE in December when asked about the possibility her killer is still lurking in the area.

“Another family having to lose someone – because I don’t understand how someone could be that aggressively angry and just be a one-time thing,”

According to KVUE’s report, Coleman’s family stated that she had a 4.0 GPA and had a promising future as a poet and writer.


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