Police Chase in Jamestown, ND End in Two Arrests After Evasive Maneuvers in Response to Outstanding Warrant

 A shocking turn of events on August 17, at approximately 2:30 p.m. in Jamestown, ND, the police responded to a tip regarding a man with an arrest warrant seen near a business on the town’s northeastern side, resulting in a police chase and eventual capture of two individuals attempting to evade arrest.

The Police Chase in Jamestown

The Valley News reported that an officer from the Jamestown Police located Eric Lee Odegard, 29-year-old, in an alley on 13th St. NE. As the officer came nearer, a police chase happened because Odegard took off running and later getting into a vehicle driven by 74-year-old Wanda Mae Guttormson, leading to a rapid exit from the area.

A police officer attempted to halt the vehicle, however, Guttormson persistently evaded, maneuvering recklessly for several blocks. The authorities noted that Guttormson is a relative of Eric Odegard. Eventually, the vehicle entered a parking area, where Odegard disembarked and fled on foot. After a police chase, he was arrested. It is reported that the vehicle made another escape attempt but was intercepted as it exited the parking lot.

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The Police Chase in Jamestown – Photo by: (Jamestown RI)

Eric Lee Odegard and Wanda Mae Guttormson Arrested After the Said Police Chase

Authorities apprehended Eric Lee Odegard for failing to comply with instructions resulting in a police chase, possession of marijuana and an outstanding arrest warrant. According to a statement, from Blinsky Wanda Mae Guttormson was taken into custody on suspicion of attempting to evade or resist a police officer.

The Stutsman County Sheriff’s Office and the North Dakota Game and Fish Department collaborated with the Jamestown Police Department in response to this incident. The Jamestown Police Department is currently investigating this police chase, into the matter which could potentially lead to charges. Odegard and Guttormson were transported to the Stutsman County Correctional Center, where they will be held until formal charges are filed.

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