Police In Colorado Apprehend A Burglar Who Attempted To Flee Using Uber After Stealing Electric Goods Worth $8K

Police apprehended a Colorado suspect who was trying to use an Uber as a getaway car when they discovered that he was carrying more than $8,000 worth of stolen goods from a plumbing company.

Police In Colorado Apprehend A Burglar Who Attempted To Flee Using Uber After Stealing Electric Goods Worth $8K

Last week, while he was stealing items from a Wheat Ridge, Colorado, plumbing company, the man asked for an Uber to come get him.

The store’s owner called 911 to report that a hole had been cut in the property’s fencing, and she informed the authorities that the suspect had been seen stealing tools from the store on security tape. Wheat Ridge Police then responded to the scene.

When police arrived on the site, they discovered an Uber driver waiting close by, who informed them that Jose, his client, was approaching the car.

“Are you looking for an Uber?” an officer asks the suspect in body camera footage released by police.

The suspect glances away and puts his hands inside his pockets. He was last spotted wearing a black ski mask pulled down and a black sweatshirt with the hood up.

“Uh… no,” he hesitantly answers.

Subsequently, the individual introduces himself as “Raul” and retreats from the officers by taking many steps back. He assured the authorities he wasn’t trying to flee when they seized him right away.

He insists on remaining innocent and claims to have been walking to his mother’s house.

He refused to believe that he was the man they were searching for, even after officers told him that he fit the description of the thief.

Officers discovered the pilfered tools in the suspect’s backpack after searching it without any identification with the name “Raul”.

The suspect’s rucksack contained electric tools valued at over $8,600.

On X, the website that was formerly known as Twitter, Wheat Ridge Police said, “It might not be the best idea to have an Uber pick you up AT the crime scene.”

After being placed under arrest, fingerprint scanners verified that he is Jose. According to court documents, he was charged with multiple offences the next day, including criminal trespassing, theft of more than $2,000, and making false reports to the police.

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