Police Raid The Volunteer Search Party Of Nicole Baldwin, A Florida Lady Who Was Missing

According to a local news story, authorities conducted a raid on the residence of a volunteer who coordinated the hunt for Nicole Baldwin, a woman who has gone missing.

Police Raid The Volunteer Search Party Of Nicole Baldwin, A Florida Lady Who Was Missing

Terri Rogers oversaw multiple searches around central Florida’s Lake County in search of Baldwin, who vanished from her house on November 2 without taking anything with her.

According to News 6 Orlando, the Mount Dora Police Department carried out a search warrant on Rogers’ residence last Friday and seized several electronic devices.

“As soon as I opened my door, they all just flooded in,” Rogers told the local news outlet. “I’ve not done anything wrong. All I’ve done was given my time, and my emotions, and my heart and soul for looking for Nicole.”

In a statement, the Mount Dora Police Department acknowledged the raid.

“On Friday, January 19th, the Mount Dora Police Department executed an investigative search warrant related to the continued search for missing person Nicole Baldwin. The status of the investigation is ongoing.”

Rogers, who previously stated that she doesn’t know Baldwin, revealed to News 6 that authorities think she’s hiding information. She clarified that the circumstances are uncannily identical to what she experienced in her own family.

“My niece disappeared going on eight months in a very similar situation out of Polk County, and her name was Tonya Whipp,” Rogers told News 6.

Baldwin, a 41-year-old mother of three, was last seen by her daughter on November 2, at which point authorities claimed Baldwin vanished from her house without taking her car, money, pocketbook, or Apple Watch.

When police looked into her husband, Brett Baldwin, in December, they allegedly discovered 31 photos of child sex abuse on his phone, which was seized as part of the inquiry. This gave her missing person case an unusual twist.

On December 14, Brett was taken into custody by U.S. Marshals and accused with possessing pornographic material in a federal court.

Homeland Security is in charge of the federal charge, which has nothing to do with the missing person investigation involving his wife.

A $5,000 prize is being offered for any information that leads to the case’s conclusion.

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