Pritzker Proposes Child Tax Credit & Grocery Tax Cut – A Family-Friendly Budget!

Pritzker Presents $52.7 Billion Budget Proposal to Illinois Lawmakers

(PHOTO: Capitol News Illinois)

Tough Decisions Ahead as Funding Shortfalls Impact Illinois State Board of Education

According to The State Journal-Register, Governor JB Pritzker shared a $52.7 billion family-friendly budget plan with the Illinois lawmakers. He expects the state to get $52.9 billion in money coming in leaving a small $298 million extra. Before there was a prediction of an $900 million shortfall so this is better news. Pritzker mentioned that some tough choices had to be made this time. For example, the Illinois State Board of Education had asked for $653 million more but will receive over $200 million less than that. It means they might have to manage with less money than they hoped for.

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Lawmakers Prepare to Scrutinize Budget Proposal for Illinois Fiscal Future

Now the family-friendly budget plan goes to the lawmakers to discuss. They will look at all the details and figure out if it’s the right way forward. They’ll talk about where the money should go and how to keep the state’s finances in good shape. It’s a big task but it’s important to make smart decisions for Illinois.

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