Property Tax Relief Package: The $18 Billion Tax Cut in Texas

The property tax relief package was a solution or not? In this article, we will discuss the benefits of the 18 billion dollar tax cut.

Texas Legislation on $18 billion property tax cut. (Photo: KXAN)
Texas Legislation on $18 billion property tax cut. (Photo: KXAN)

In the published article on Messenger, it was a statement Mr. Trent Ashby about the $18 billion property tax relief package. He stated there that it was a great battle for him together with the members of the board.

As they put so much effort to have a successful and awarding battle on providing the proposal that will help the property tax owners to a relief situation.

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Here are some of the highlights of the property tax cut:

  • $12 billion has been decreased from the school tax rate.
  • 20% cap on appraisal value for residential and commercial property owners.
  • 75,ooo number of population in Texas, will be include in the savings of the franchise tax on the small businesses.

Even though the property tax relief package received overwhelming support from the legislation. In the article of Fox 4 News, the property tax relief package received critics from Gene Wu as she stated that the rent is too high.

But for the people in Texas the approval of this piece is very big for them. And a historical as it is the largest tax cut in the History of Texas.

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