Quadruple Family Murder Case: A South Carolina Couple Is Accused Of Killing 4 Families

Days after the four family members were slain, a husband and wife team allegedly killed them all on Halloween 2015 and made scathing remarks about the accused “killer” in their public remarks.

Quadruple Family Murder Case: A South Carolina Couple Is Accused Of Killing 4 Families

In their Pendleton, South Carolina, home, the remains of Cathy Taylor Scott, 60; Violet Taylor, 82; Mike Scott, 58; and Mike’s mother, Barbara Scott, 80, were discovered.

A few days after the killings, Amy Vilardi told local news station WYFF-TV, “Whoever did this, I don’t see how you can live with yourself,” and she thanked the neighbourhood for their support.

According to a Facebook post made by the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office on December 15, 2023, eight years after the graphic crime that “rocked the Anderson County community to its core,” Vilardi and her husband, Rosmore “Ross” Vilardi, were taken into custody and charged with it.

Amy Vilardi’s grandmother was Violet Taylor, and her mother was Cathy Scott. Mike Scott was Barbara Scott’s son and Cathy Scott’s spouse.

Amy reportedly discovered her family dead on November 2, 2015, with at least one gunshot wound, but according to USA Today, authorities concluded that the deceased had probably been dead for several hours, if not days. Despite this, Amy contacted 911.

Although the pair has insisted on their innocence for years, Anderson County Sheriff Chad McBride said that they have been under police suspicions at a press conference on December 15 following their arrests.

When asked what evidence finally linked Amy and Rosmore to the crime, McBride refused to comment.

“Some things have to be preserved for our day in court,” he said. “Anything I say, as far as details, the other side can use against us.”

The arrests, however, are a positive start towards closure, according to the sheriff, who took over the case less than two years after the murders.

“I think we knew this day would come,” McBride said during the press conference. “We were praying this day would come. … We’ve had some really good prayers answered.”

Was Amy’s Financial Move & Lawsuit A Clue As To Why She Did It?

No one from law enforcement talked about a possible reason behind the heinous crime.

However, following the killings, the Vilardis filed a lawsuit against the sheriff’s office in May 2016, “seeking the return of vehicles and electronics and nearly $90,000 in cash that were taken from the two homes by investigators,” as USA Today reported, citing court records.

The lawsuit claimed that the property was worth “well in excess of $100,000” and had “no evidentiary value.” In order to “grant the immediate claim and delivery” of the property, Amy Viladi requested that the court acknowledge her “ownership interest” in it.

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