Rachel Morin’s Mother: Killer’s Family Acknowledges His Guilt

Rachel Morin’s mother thinks that a widely shared video of the unidentified suspect in her daughter’s death has been viewed by relatives of the suspect.

She said to “Banfield” on Monday that she didn’t understand why they wouldn’t come forward in order to protect him.

Patty Morin stated, “If that was my son, I would know it was him. “I think the mother knows it’s her son if she’s watched the video. .. She may find it hard to believe that’s him. But she ought to speak up if it is indeed her son. In fact, she’s giving him the confidence to save another person.”

Case of Rachel Morin: DNA connects a California suspect to a Maryland murder

Authorities claim that Morin was killed on a well-traveled nature walk in Maryland 85 days ago.

Police said that DNA from the Morin scene was also linked to an assault and home invasion in Los Angeles after they revealed Ring doorbell footage of a guy they described as a suspect leaving a residence in August.

According to Harford County Sheriff Jeff Gahler, who has exclusive access to the tape, the only surveillance video they have of the suspect is of the individual whose arm is seen shutting the door. Detectives have positively identified that person. A $30,000 reward is offered for information that results in the apprehension of Morin’s murderer.

Anyone with information regarding this crime is asked to contact 410-836-7788, per police requests.

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