Radio Bean Heartbreaking Burglary: Burlington Community Rallies For Support 

Burlington Music Venue Radio Bean Targeted By A Brazen Burglar

Radio Bean
Radio Bean Heartbreaking Burglary Burlington Community Rallies For Support (Photo: Seven Days)
BURLINGTON, Vt. – The vibrant and cherished downtown Burlington music venue, Radio Bean, was recently targeted by a brazen burglar, leaving the owners devastated and facing potential closure.
The incident occurred on Sunday, July 23, when the culprit forced entry through one of the front doors and the office of Radio Bean, making off with several thousand dollars worth of items. Among the stolen goods inside the Radio Bean were DJ Taka’s valuable equipment, amounting to over $9,000.
The Radio Bean team initially noticed the burglary on Saturday, but it wasn’t until July 29, when the DJ was about to start his set, that the full extent of the losses became evident. With DJ Taka being an independent contractor, insurance couldn’t cover his losses, adding further strain to the Radio Bean Bar business already grappling with financial challenges. (Read reference article here: WCAX)
Radio Bean owner Lee Anderson took to social media, pouring his heart out and seeking help from the community to overcome this setback. The response was nothing short of heartwarming, as more than 450 individuals came forward, surpassing the initial $9,000 fundraising goal and raising an astounding total of $24,000 to help Radio Bean recover. The outpouring of support brought tears to Anderson’s eyes the owner of Radio Bean, and he expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming love and care from the community.
Despite the devastating blow, the owner of Radio Bean, Anderson, remains hopeful, stating that the additional funds will not only help recover the missing items but also ensure the survival of Radio Bean. Running a small, independent music venue is no easy task, and the extra funds will go a long way in keeping the beloved establishment afloat.

Community’s Incredible Response Has Breathed New Life Into To Radio Bean

The incident has had a profound impact on Radio Bean, and Lee Anderson shared that the break-in pushed them to a “breaking point,” making the possibility of closing down loom over them. However, the community’s incredible response has breathed new life into the venue’s future, lifting the weight of potential closure.
The GoFundMe page set up by Anderson, the owner of Radio Bean, quickly gained traction, with generous contributions pouring in. In just two days, over $22,000 was raised, reflecting the deep-rooted connection between Radio Bean and its patrons. The heartfelt comments left by contributors further illustrate the venue’s significance in the hearts of its supporters. (To know more click NBC5)
Although a police report has been filed, no investigation has taken place yet. Nevertheless, Radio Bean remains resilient and determined to continue serving the community they hold dear. Anderson reassures everyone that Radio Bean will not close its doors and will be back in operation on Tuesday, ready to embrace the music-loving crowd once again.
As the community joins hands to support Radio Bean, their actions showcase the strength and compassion that lies at the heart of Burlington. Together, they send a resounding message that the spirit of unity and kindness will prevail even in the face of adversity.

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