Record 7.3 Million Students to Benefit from Expanded Pell Grant Eligibility!

FAFSA Form Update Under Biden Administration


FAFSA Simplification Act Leads to Access Expansion

According to BUSINESS INSIDER, under President Joe Biden, the Education Department is updating the FAFSA form to help more students to benefit Pell Grants. This change follows the FAFSA Simplification Act which connects eligibility to family size and how much money families make. Starting in the 2024-2025 school year, this update could make 7.3 million more students to benefit Pell Grants making it easier for them to afford college.

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Education Department Stays Committed Amid FAFSA Delays

Despite recent delays in the FAFSA rollout, the Education Department is committed to the Better FAFSA plan. They assure that the update won’t slow down sending applications to schools. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona highlights the importance of these updates as they help more students to benefit Pell Grants, demonstrating the department’s dedication to expanding access to college. To address concerns the Education Department is working closely with schools and sending Federal Student Aid staff nationwide. Some colleges like the University of Pittsburgh are adjusting deadlines to give students more time to review financial aid options showing their focus on supporting students during this transition.

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