Retail Theft And Migrant Burglaries Are On The Rise In A Chicago Suburb: Know More Here

A number of recent crimes committed by immigrants residing in or close to the Windy City have severely damaged a Chicago suburb.

Retail Thefts And Migrant Burglaries Are On The Rise In A Chicago Suburb: Know More Here

According to Brian Strockis, the chief of police for the Oak Brook Police Department, a total of 47 migrants were arrested in Oak Brook, Illinois, between October 23 and January 17. The majority of the arrests were for alleged property crimes.

Retail theft and burglary were the main charges brought against the majority of the detained migrants, Strockis said Fox News Digital.

In the most recent instance, an Ecuadorian immigrant living in Chicago is charged with stealing goods valued at over $3,000 from retail establishments and eluding the oversight of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) by turning off his electronic monitoring device.

Officers from Oak Brook responded to a call about retail theft from a nearby Macy’s shop on January 13. Officers discovered that 32-year-old Jaime Ubaldo Obando-Andrade entered the business, put on a jacket that was estimated to be worth $395, and left without paying for it after arriving and looking into what had happened.

In a news release from the office of DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin, cops stated that they “found approximately $3,000 worth of suspected stolen merchandise as well as rolls of tinfoil” after searching Obando-Andrade’s car.

Berlin’s office also reported that the cops found an ICE monitoring device that Obando-Andrade “had allegedly cut off” and a forged driver’s license from Washington with the defendant’s picture but a different name.

Following his initial court appearance on Sunday, Obando-Andrade was charged with one crime of retail theft, a class 3 felony, and one count of burglary, a class 2 felony. It was declared earlier this week that Judge Michael Burton had granted the state’s request to keep the defendant from being released before trial. The next court date for Obando-Andrade is next month.

“This was an excellent example of solid police work and looking beyond the initial incident,” Strockis said of the case involving Obando-Andrade. “These retail crimes involving migrant offenders are part of a bigger criminal enterprise, and we are working closely with our federal partners to thoroughly investigate these cases.”

Berlin praised the people who caught Obando-Andrade, saying, “Retail theft is not a victimless crime and has a far-reaching effect on the entire community.” Berlin also pledged to keep up the efforts to safeguard Oak Brook businesses.

“It is very simple, if you steal in DuPage County, you will be apprehended, charged and prosecuted,” he added.

Obando-Andrade’s arrest follows the accusation of multiple other migrants for involvement in a number of crimes in the Chicago area.

Two migrants from Venezuela, Luis Mendez-Gomez, 28, and Frank Montez-Davila, 23, were detained in October of last year on suspicion of stealing over $3,000 worth of high-end makeup from the Oak Brook Macy’s shop.

The two migrants went into the store and stuffed a bag with 16 expensive fragrances and a pair of pants, totaling $2,832.50. On October 31, an Oak Brook patrol officer noticed the two males, who were reportedly Chicago residents at the time, and they were subsequently taken into custody during a traffic check.

Both men were charged with burglary and retail theft after their arrest, but a judge rejected the state’s request to keep them in jail, so they were released on pre-trial release.

“We are firm in our efforts against organized retail crime as we endlessly protect our community. We want everyone to be aware of the increase in criminal activity from the migrant community coming from Chicago,” Oak Brook Deputy Chief of Police Reid Foltyniewicz said at the time.

A week before Mendez-Gomez and Montez-Davila were taken into custody, two other migrants from Venezuela were also taken into custody and charged with retail theft and burglary after they took other apparel items from the Macy’s shop.

Rafael Mata-Torres and Abel Barrios-Estava were involved in the incident on October 23. Fox 32 reports that Barrios-Estava was brought into custody following a foot pursuit, while Oak Brook officers and the store’s loss prevention personnel apprehended Mata-Torres.

According to the site, both guys were later freed from detention and given an electronic monitoring device as a requirement of their bond after being told not to enter another Macy’s store.

Though there have been a number of recent arrests of migrants, Strockis told Fox News Digital he doesn’t think local merchants are “being targeted any more than any other location.”

“I will say that we have motivated officers that are determined to keep our community safe and our relationships with area loss prevention agents have never been stronger,” he said. “I’m thankful for the hard work our officers do every day. This department is extremely proactive and technology-driven. The result of that policing philosophy is a lot of arrests, recovered stolen property and many headlines which would lead you to believe we are being targeted. Oak Brook is a very safe place to live, shop, dine and play, and we have every intention of keeping it that way.”

When Fox News Digital reached out to the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for comment regarding their efforts to prevent migrant theft of small businesses and retailers, as well as their accounting for migrant individuals who choose to remove their monitoring devices while they are currently in the United States, their spokespeople did not immediately respond.

The worldwide migrant crisis has left several American cities unable to cope with the thousands of migrants who cross the southern border every day.

In December, the first flight from the state of Texas to sanctuary cities arrived in Chicago. At the time, Fox was informed that the first flight, carrying 120 migrants, departed El Paso on December 20 and arrived later that day at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. Like they do when they are bussed, all migrants signed voluntary waivers, Fox was informed by sources in Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s administration.

The buses heading to the sanctuary city were interfering with Chicago’s operations, which prompted the decision in part. Lawsuits have been filed by the city against the migrant transporting companies.

Since data collecting began, around 34,000 migrants have entered Chicago, a sanctuary city. The city reports that since October 2022, over $156 million has been spent on shelter and care.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson was a strong advocate for immigration to the city when he was a candidate for election in the previous year.

“Chicago is a sanctuary city. As such, we must always resist attempts to pit communities against each other and extend this sanctuary promise to everyone who needs it in our city — both long-time residents and newcomers alike,” his website stated.

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