Review Of A CT Police Officer’s Actions Following A Suspect’s Repeated Use Of A Stun Gun

According to police body, camera footage made public on Monday along with the announcement of criminal and internal affairs investigations, a Connecticut police officer shocked a shoplifting suspect three times with a stun gun, including when the man was on the ground apologising.

Review Of A CT Police Officer's Actions Following A Suspect's Repeated Use Of A Stun Gun

In the footage, Naugatuck Officer Nicholas Kehoss can be seen triggering the stun gun three times, holding it for almost five seconds each time. The footage shows Kehoss calling the man an “idiot,” yelling at him and telling him to “shut up” during the October 14 arrest.

The man, Jarell Day, 33, of Waterbury, is suspected by police of robbing a grocery store in Naugatuck and taking $200 worth of alcohol. He then allegedly crashed his car into police cars while attempting to escape. The footage shows that Day smashed the car and took off on foot, but Kehoss was able to catch up with him.

The footage indicates that Day was waving his hands when Kehoss gave him the command to get down and then pulled out the stun gun. As Day hits the floor, Kehoss tells him to lie on his stomach. The footage shows Day rolling onto his side and apologising to the officer, but Kehoss keeps yelling at him to get on his stomach and pushes the stun gun trigger once again.

The footage then shows Kehoss telling Day to put his hands behind his back. The footage shows Day pleading, “No, no, please,” right before Kehoss presses the trigger a third time, warning him that the police will use the stun gun again.

In the course of events, neither Day nor the officers suffered any injuries.

Day was accused of numerous crimes, including reckless driving, attempted police officer assault, and robbery. On Monday, he was placed under bond. He is being represented by the public defender’s office, according to online court records, but no one picked up the phone late on Monday afternoon.

Chief of Police for Naugatuck, C. Colin McAllister, announced on Monday that an internal affairs inquiry is being conducted by the department and that state police were looking into Kehoss’s use of force.

“Early on in that process, we identified several concerns for this use of force,” McAllister said.

Emails sent on Monday requesting comment from Kehoss were not immediately answered. While the investigations are ongoing, he is on paid leave.

Kehoss has a history of disciplinary action with the department, according to McAllister, but he did not provide details. In 2021, Kehoss’ decision to fire three shots into a car that struck his cruiser and shoved him, knocking him down, during the driver’s attempt to flee a stop was deemed justified. There was nobody hit by the gunfire.

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