Revolutionary GOP Contender Ramaswamy Outlines Bold Plan to Reshape Federal Bureaucracy and Restore Power to the People

In a bid to overhaul the federal bureaucracy and return power to the hands of the American people, Republican presidential contender Vivek Ramaswamy has unveiled an ambitious proposal to eliminate and restructure key government agencies.

Ramaswamy Targets Federal Bureaucracy in Presidential Bid

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Ramaswamy, who describes himself as the sole candidate unapologetically on the side of revolution, is determined to address federal bureaucracy and what he views as deep-rooted inefficiencies and politicization within the government. At the forefront of Ramaswamy’s plan is the closure of agencies such as the FBI, the Department of Education, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Citing the Presidential Reorganization Act as a tool to deliver on his promises, he aims to submit plans to Congress for the reorganization or elimination of federal bureaucracy and executive agencies. Alongside this, Ramaswamy pledges to remove collective bargaining for federal employees and introduce term limits for federal workers, aiming to create a more efficient and accountable federal bureaucracy system.

Ramaswamy’s Proposal to Tackle Federal Bureaucracy and Its Inefficiencies

Ramaswamy’s Ambitious Vision for Reforming the Federal Bureaucracy (PHOTO: WUSF News)

One of the most contentious targets in Ramaswamy’s crosshairs is the Department of Education, which he considers the “head of the snake” in spreading what he terms “wokeism,” transgenderism, and leftist indoctrination in schools. Advocating for more localized control, he proposes redirecting nearly half of the Department of Education’s budget to state and local authorities, emphasizing school choice, federal bureaucracy,  and vocational training. Additionally, Ramaswamy aims to empower parents by allowing them to decide where their children attend school and be potentially reimbursed for their choice, fostering competition among educational institutions. Ramaswamy’s campaign on federal bureaucracy has drawn attention to his detailed and innovative approach, setting him apart from traditional politicians. As he strives to gain support among voters looking to reform America’s federal bureaucracy, his campaign is poised to be one to watch in the Republican primary race.

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