Russia’s Historic Luna 25 Moon Mission Ends in Crash During Landing Attempt

Russia’s Luna 25 spacecraft, which was their first moon mission in about 50 years, had an accident and crashed on the moon during its attempts to land, according to the Russian space agency.

Russia’s Luna 25 Crash Accident into the Moon

According to The Verge, Russia’s recent try at landing on the moon after nearly 50 years failed.

The Luna 25 spacecraft, operated without a pilot, crashed into the moon.

According to the Russian space Agency, the Luna 25 spacecraft lost control and ended up crashing on the moon. The spacecraft was supposed to be the first to land on the southern part of the moon, in which a part of the moon that scientist think there might be important supplies of frozen water and valuable materials.

They couldn’t communicate with Luna 25 after 2:57pm on Saturday.

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Russia’s Luna 25 Crash Accident into the Moon – Photo by: (Space Flight Now)

Luna 25 in a Race with Indian Spacecraft

Russia was trying to get ahead of India’s Chandrayaan-3 mission in the race to land on the moon.

The Luna 25 space spacecraft, as mentioned by AP, was competing with an Indian spacecraft that was launched on July 14. Both were supposed to reach the moon around August 21-23. A well-known Russian space expert named Vitaly Egorov mentioned that even though the crash happened, the mission still achieved some positive results. After Luna 25 landed, its mission was to examine the ice at the moon’s south pole. This would help scientists understand how the moon was made. By looking at the ice, they could make guesses about how water came to be on the moon and if that’s connected to water appearing on earth. This information came from a scientist stated by the Russian news agency TASS, which is owned by the government.

Russia’s Luna 25, the recent mission to the moon was the first time they’ve done this since 1976, when they successfully landed on the moon, the Soviet Union, the United States and China.

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