San Mateo County Introduces Community Support Program: Monthly Stipends for Foster Youth

San Mateo County supervisors have unanimously approved the implementation of a groundbreaking Community Support Program set to launch next year.

San Mateo County Launches Community Support Program with Monthly Stipends

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The community support program aims to provide much-needed assistance to current and former foster youth between the ages of 18 and 22 through monthly stipends. Under this community support program initiative, 70 young individuals will receive $1,000 per month for up to 18 months, starting around the new year. With the new Community Support Program, San Mateo County seeks to offer economic stability to vulnerable foster youth transitioning into adulthood. As they age out of the foster care system, many face housing instability and homelessness, making it challenging to build stable lives. County supervisor Noelia Corzo highlighted the importance of providing concrete economic support to ensure these young individuals can remain in San Mateo County and maintain essential community support program systems and connections.

Community Support Program Offers Economic Stability for Foster Youth

Guaranteed Income Program for Foster Youth Introduced in San Mateo County (PHOTO: City of St. Albert)

The $2 million program will be funded by a collaboration between San Mateo County’s Human Services Agency, the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, and local Measure K funds derived from a half-cent sales tax in the county. This community support program innovative approach follows the footsteps of Santa Clara County, which successfully launched a similar guaranteed income program in 2020. Research has shown that such community support programs can alleviate poverty, enhance health and educational outcomes, and empower participants to make meaningful contributions to society.

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