Santa Monica Paid $700K To A Suspected Los Angeles Serial Killer: Know More Here

The City of Santa Monica has awarded a $700,000 payout to the 33-year-old Californian who is suspected of killing four people last week. The man was seriously injured when he was run over by a beach patrol officer while the officer was responding to a fire.

Santa Monica Paid $700K To A Suspected Los Angeles Serial Killer: Know More Here

Authorities said that at the time, Jerrid Powell was sleeping in a ditch on one of the most picturesque beaches in the nation.

“The City settled the lawsuit claiming negligence after a Santa Monica Harbor Services Officer, after responding to a call reporting a fire on the beach, rolled over the plaintiff who was laying in a six to eight-inch-deep ditch in the sand,” a city spokesperson confirmed in a statement.

Powell allegedly filed the complaint in 2020, citing carelessness in the 2019 event, according to records. Earlier this year, the deal was approved by the court and the city.

According to law enforcement officials, Powell is a “vicious” offender who is suspected of purchasing a car and pistol with some of the money from his settlement.

Powell could not lawfully own or purchase a firearm since he had at least one prior felony conviction, according to a statement from the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office. The source further stated that he was convicted of misdemeanour theft.

NBC Los Angeles, which broke the story of the settlement first, claimed that while he was on probation for a 2018 assault with a deadly weapon conviction, he accrued two more theft charges.

Powell is suspected of killing three sleeping homeless men in three different shootings on Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday of last week. He is also accused of following a man home from an electric vehicle charging station in West Covina, which is approximately 12 miles away, on Tuesday, robbing him of his belongings and killing him. All of these incidents occurred in San Dimas.

Following the death of Nicholas Simbolon, a county employee, whose wife discovered him dead in their Tesla parked in their garage, police apprehended Powell on November 30.

After connecting his BMW to the incident, he was stopped by police in Beverly Hills. According to Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore, they took a revolver out of his car and they supposedly connected it to the three other killings.

He is accused of approaching sleeping victims in the early morning hours of the homeless murders, shooting them, and then leaving the scene. Jose Bolanos and Mark Diggs were two of those victims, according to FOX 11 Los Angeles. The third victim’s name was withheld by the police until his family was notified.

Powell was already being held in relation to the Simbolon murder when authorities declared a citywide manhunt on Friday. The identical weapon was quickly found to be connected to all four crimes, according to the police.

Powell is accused of several crimes, including four counts of robbery, murder, and felon in possession of a weapon.

Simbolon’s killing marks the fourth home invasion shooting in Los Angeles in less than a month, two of which included fathers defending their families by shooting masked attackers.

On Nov. 4, a man carrying a gun barged onto benefactor Vincent Ricci’s front porch from behind, and the two engaged in gunfire. The incident was captured on camera by his home security system, however, he said that after he protected his house while his wife and children were inside, his concealed carry permit was revoked.

After three weeks, on November 27, a homeless woman allegedly shot Hollywood marketer and social justice campaigner Michael Latt in his living room after breaking into his house. Authorities said she was following Latt’s buddy, director A.V. Rockwell. In that particular case, Jameelah Michl, the 36-year-old suspect, is being jailed on $3 million bail.

while on Saturday morning, investigators say that a third father from Los Angeles opened fire on three armed men who broke into his home at around five in the morning. One of the men was killed, while another was probably wounded. He was placed in handcuffs by the police, who then questioned him before releasing him.

“In one, the authorities took away the homeowner’s concealed weapon permit and in the other the authorities cuffed the homeowner and brought him in for questioning but he was later released,” said Jonathan Hatami, a deputy district attorney who is running to unseat his progressive boss, George Gascon, in next year’s election. “Victims getting re-victimized while home invasion robberies continue to happen, and all we ever hear from Gascon is ‘crime is down.'”

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