Santos Pledged to Keep Fighting for his Seat in Congress not Minding the Accusations he Faces Everyday

New York Representative George Santos drew out  $85,000 from his campaign to repay his hundred thousand dollars loaned last 2022 election which leads to thousands of accusations regarding financial offenses including embezzling money from his campaign.

Based on statistics, Santos almost spent $118,000 and most of it was used to repay himself more than $700,000 that he used to fund his winning moment in last year’s election. Financial reports were released from Congress last Friday and state that Santos escalated his reelection campaign funds in the previous three months to approximately $138,000, the most foresee and eye-ing electoral candidates for the 2024   election.

Santons paid $85,000 -CNN

Meanwhile, other congressional representatives like Kellen County from Afghanistan a war veteran, and J.P Morgan a baker raised funds to $200,000 and used only $36,000 in the same period. Joshua Lafazan, a top Democrat who’s running for New York’s Third Congressional District and who is also a lawmaker has collected more than $345,000 which is still in the bank.

Last May, Santos pleaded not guilty to his 13-count federal indictment that charge him with stealing from his campaign account, faking his working status benefits, and being dishonest to Congress about his wealth. The agreement between Santos and Brazilian authorities help to avoid punishment for taking two checks last 2008.  Other representatives from his district even the GOP members decided to leave his reelection plan.

Despite all the accusations, and demands for resignation because of outnumbered lies he created, Santos’s wall didn’t break, and continued to battle for his name in the Congressional seat which covers large areas in New York he still on pursue and declared his quest for reelection in April.


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