Save Big on Back-to-School Shopping: Mississippi Sales Tax Holiday Starts This Weekend

Mississippi residents are gearing up for a shopping bonanza this weekend as the much-awaited Mississippi Sales Tax Holiday kicks off.

Mississippi Sales Tax Holiday Returns This Weekend!

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Starting from Friday, July 28 at 12:01 AM and running until midnight on Saturday, July 29, the annual Mississippi Sales Tax Holiday tax-free event is set to provide much-needed relief for back-to-school shoppers. During the Mississippi Sales Tax Holiday, shoppers in the Magnolia State will be delighted to find that they won’t have to pay sales tax on specific clothing and footwear items priced below $100 during the Mississippi Sales Tax Holiday . The Mississippi Department of Revenue clarifies that eligible clothing includes “any article of apparel designed to be worn on the human body,” while footwear comprises anything intended for the feet, excluding specialized equipment such as skis or rollerblades. Additionally, tax-free savings during the Mississippi Sales Tax Holiday extend to essential school supplies, encompassing backpacks, calculators, and notebooks.

Explore the Savings During Mississippi’s Sales Tax Holiday

Save Big on Clothing, Footwear, and School Supplies (PHOTO: The Ridgeland)

Parents, students, and savvy shoppers alike are expected to flock to retail stores across the state to take advantage of this Mississippi Sales Tax Holiday and the lucrative savings. The Mississippi Sales Tax Holiday has become a highly anticipated annual event, offering families an excellent opportunity to stock up on back-to-school necessities while keeping their budgets in check. With the Mississippi Sales Tax Holiday tax-free window rapidly approaching, Mississippians are preparing to make the most of this golden opportunity for cost-effective and stress-free shopping.

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