Scientists destroy 99% of cancer cells with groundbreaking new method

A new study has been done by scientists at Rice University in Texas in which they revealed that a special form of molecule is found which would tear apart the membranes of cancer cells.

This molecule is came to be known as aminocyanine molecules and is commonly used as synthetic dyes in medical imaging. The atoms of this molecule can vibrate in unison and when hit with near-infrared light forms a “plasmon” which ruptures membranes of cancer cells.

By the results of the studies, it is concluded that this treatment is unbelievably effective and researchers are calling it as “molecular jackhammers”. It has 99 per cent efficiency for treating human melanoma cells in lab.

Ciceron Ayala-Orozco, a research scientist at Rice University and a lead of the study said that this way is a very different way to treat cancer using mechanical forces at the molecular scale.

Scientists used infrared light in this study because this light go deeper into the body reaching to the cancer in bones and organs to treat these cells without needing surgery to get to the cancer growth.

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