Senator’s Son From North Dakota Faces Manslaughter Charges: Know More Here

A manslaughter allegation was brought against the son of U.S. Sen. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., to the police pursuit of a stolen car that ultimately claimed the life of a sheriff’s officer.

Senator's Son From North Dakota Faces Manslaughter Charges: Know More Here

Paul Martin, a 53-year-old Mercer County Sheriff’s Deputy, was named by the authorities as the deputy who died in the collision on Thursday.

Ian Cramer, 42, was charged with driving with a suspended licence, manslaughter, fleeing a police officer and reckless endangerment, among other felonies, according to online documents.

His initial court appearance is set for this Friday.

In response to complaints of damage to an overhead door in the ambulance bay, deputies were called to the Sanford Hospital about 4:30 p.m., according to a press release from the Bismark Police Department.

Cramer’s mother, Kris, reportedly took her son to the hospital because he was displaying “mental health issues.”

Police stated that upon the couple’s arrival, Cramer had absconded from the hospital, pilfered his mother’s SUV, and crashed the car into the bay’s doors.

The 42-year-old had left the area when police arrived, but a mobile tracking device showed them that he was still in the stolen vehicle.

According to the authorities, Cramer was eventually apprehended after a coordinated effort by several agencies to locate him.

According to the police, Cramer struck Sheriff’s deputy Martin’s vehicle during the pursuit.

According to officials, the 53-year-old sheriff’s deputy was slain right away.

In a statement, Sen. Cramer said that his family is saddened by the deputy’s passing.

In addition, he requested prayers for his son’s recovery.

“I will take the first flight I can to be with our family as we grieve what has happened. We grieve especially for the family of the hero who tried to help Ian, and we pray for our gracious God to show up as He always does in tragedy. We ask the public for prayers for the lost officer’s family and colleagues who serve us every day and are grateful for all they do for us,” the senator wrote. “We also ask God for healing for Ian. We love him and hurt deeply.”

Sen. Cramer said that Ian, “suffers from severe mental disorders.”

After Ian insisted on seeing his deceased brother Ike in 2018, the senator said that Ian “suffers from severe mental disorders which manifest in severe paranoia and hallucinations” and that Ian was with Kris at the time.

In a statement released after the event, Sen. John Hoeven, R-ND, expressed gratitude for Martin’s “ultimate sacrifice on behalf of our community.”

“The events in Mercer County last night are a stark reminder of the heroic actions of our law enforcement officials each and every day. This deputy made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of our community, and Mikey and I send our sincerest condolences to the deputy’s loved ones and the entire Mercer County Sheriff’s Department,” Sen. Hoeven said. “We are praying for comfort and peace for all those impacted by this tragic event.”

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