Several Venues Postpone A Journalism Event With Andy Ngo Following Doxing And “Bullying” By Antifa

After pressure and threats from a local Antifa organisation, numerous event venues in Virginia cancelled on the conference’s organisers, who were planning to hold a journalism conference.

Several Venues Postpone A Journalism Event With Andy Ngo Following Doxing And

The first “Virginia Forum” was scheduled to take place on September 22 at The Common Sense Society and The Virginia Council, with journalist and author Andy Ngo as the featured speaker. Ngo has written extensively on the links he has found between Antifa and the riots in Richmond, Virginia, and Portland, Oregon.

The Commonwealth Club in Richmond, which was formed in 1890 and bills itself as a “vibrant city club with a diverse membership… including leaders in business, politics, education, and society,” was originally going to host the event.

However, club leaders decided to postpone the event after learning that someone who they claimed to be a leader of Richmond, Virginia, Antifa had doxxed the event on X, formerly known as Twitter. They did so because of “safety” concerns and “the current political climate.”

“After careful consideration and in light of the current political climate, the leadership of the Commonwealth Club have made the difficult decision to decline hosting the event. This decision was not made lightly, but the safety and well-being of our guests and employees is our top priority, especially after recent social media posts by radical groups have targeted the event and the location,” the club stated in an email to event organizers.

“We understand the importance of this event to your group and the effort that has gone into planning it. However, we believe that it is our responsibility to prioritize the safety of everyone involved.”

The Common Sense Society (CSS) is a group that describes itself as exploring “ideas, cultures, and geography that have shaped our history in order to best contribute to a future that fosters human flourishing.”

According to CSS, the group posted a post from @GoadGatsby, a left-leaning RVA Mag writer who “runs the Richmond Antifa and is sure to draw attention that we don’t want.” @GoadGatsby also writes for the Richmond Antifa.

The Westin Hotel in Richmond, which is a facility owned by Marriott International, was chosen as the venue by CSS. However, the Westin gave up after claiming Antifa members used social media to phone and exert pressure on the hotel.

“Virginians — particularly Richmonders — desperately need to hear a message of hope as they endure Antifa’s vandalism, bullying, threats and general disregard for public safety. They need to see individuals and businesses courageously stand up for freedom of speech, the rule of law and the well-being of Virginians,” CSS and The Virginia Society said in a joint statement.

“Common Sense Society, The Virginia Council and our guest Andy Ngo intend to be that beacon of light and hope. Through our inaugural and ongoing Virginia Forums, we will strengthen the many courageous yet weary Virginians who want to defend their freedoms, preserve their history and advance prosperity in their home state,” the statement said.

“The Commonwealth Club had an opportunity to stand up with us, but they backed out in fear. The Westin (Marriott Corp.) then had the chance to be that platform. They’ve also elected to cower.

“Let us be perfectly clear. Common Sense Society and The Virginia Council will not succumb to bullying. If anything, Antifa’s destructive behaviour underscores the critical need for free speech and the rule of law in Richmond.”

John Reid, the founding chairman of the Virginia Council, claimed that the organisation has previously faced threats from violent extremists.

“The Virginia Council was founded in 2021 to preserve Virginia’s history and promote prosperity and the rule of law in the face of violence and destruction by groups like Antifa. We were not intimidated in 2021, and we will not be intimidated now. Good things are worth standing up for,” he said.

Free speech, the rule of law, truth — these things will prevail over bullying, slander and intimidation. Andy Ngo was courageous in Portland, and we will be courageous in Richmond.”

According to the event planners, they have a third venue booked and want to proceed with the event.

Ngo’s accusations that Rose City Antifa militants viciously beat him during a protest in downtown Portland in June 2019 were upheld by an Oregon judge in August.

Three defendants were ordered by Multnomah County Circuit Judge Chanpone Sinlapasai to pay Ngo $100,000 each, for a total of $300,000 in damages.

After a Portland jury found two other defendants included in the same lawsuit not responsible for the assault, the August 8 decision represents “some vindication” for Ngo.

“It feels like some vindication for a really horrific, retraumatizing process through the litigation process,” Ngo told Fox News Digital at the time of the ruling.

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