SFPD Nabs Suspect in Major Organized Retail Crime Bust: Case 24-014

Theft Report Prompts Police Response: San Francisco Officers Investigate Mall Incident


Denayaha Duree Arrested in Hawaii by US Marshalls for Organized Retail Crime

According to SFPD, January 29, 2024 San Francisco Police officers went to a mall business on 20th Avenue due to a theft report. Workers at the store said two unknown women came in took things from display cases and put them in bags before leaving. They escaped in a car from the parking lot. Later an investigator from the SFPD Burglary Unit recognized one of the suspects as Denayaha Duree who had been involved in organized retail crime before. They worked with other police teams and found out Duree had flown to Honolulu, Hawaii. Thankfully on February 14, 2024 US Marshalls arrested her as she got off the plane facing multiple charges.

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SFPD Chief Commends Collaboration: Duree’s Arrest Highlights Role of Law Enforcement Partnerships in Crime Resolution

SFPD Chief Bill Scott praised the officers hard work and thanked other agencies for their help. Duree’s arrest not only solved the recent theft but also linked her to other crimes in downtown San Francisco showing the importance of law enforcement cooperation.

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