Six Bodies Were Discovered In A Secluded Californian Desert Village: Know More Here

Six victims’ lifeless bodies were discovered on Tuesday in a secluded Californian desert village; the cause of their deaths is still a mystery.

Six Bodies Were Discovered In A Secluded Californian Desert Village: Know More Here

Tuesday night, at about 8:15 p.m., five of the victims were found when San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department deputies went to the El Mirage subdivision as part of a welfare check.

Between Adelanto and Lake Los Angeles on Highway 395, they made the startling discovery.

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Mara Rodriguez revealed during a midday news briefing that a sixth corpse was discovered at the scene on Wednesday morning. She claimed that personnel of the California Highway Patrol’s Aviation Division were with the deputies.

According to several accounts, the deceased were shot to death. Fox 11’s photos from the area show a navy SUV that was hit by bullets. Another car was discovered at the scene, and the vehicle had yellow police marks all around it.

The deceased’s age and gender were not disclosed by Rodriguez, and the police withheld information regarding the cause and method of death. She acknowledged that a homicide is being investigated in this situation.

“We have not confirmed any cause or manner of death or any gunshot wounds,” Rodriguez said. “This is a very remote desert area.

“It’s going to be heartbreaking no matter what the situation is, what they discover out there as far as the circumstances surrounding it.”

There have been no takedowns.

Numerous victims’ bodies were found on the ground, surrounded by bullet casings and hundreds of evidence markers, according to KTLA5. It also looked like some of the bodies had been burned.

The crime site was roped off by police, and a row of white police cars was stationed outside.

There was also a police helicopter flying overhead.

Rodriguez promised to deliver another update later on in the day.

She claimed she could not recall a period when these many bodies were discovered in the neighbourhood.

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