Six Prisoners In A Texas Jail killed A Fellow Inmate: Know More Here

Authorities at a Texas jail said that six prisoners killed a fellow inmate on Monday, leading them to take action to stop any inmate reprisal for the man’s death.

Six Prisoners In A Texas Jail killed A Fellow Inmate: Know More Here

According to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, detention guards at the El Paso County Jail Annex discovered an unconscious prisoner inside his cell and promptly notified medical personnel.

Authorities discovered the prisoner, identified as 57-year-old Jesus Torres, dead inside the cell. After further inquiry, it was determined that he had been beaten, and his demise was ruled a homicide.

In anticipation of possible reprisals over Torres’s killing, jail officials divided up the inmates and put some of them in separate “lock-down” cells.

Investigators have discovered six prisoners housed in the same cell block who they believe had a hand in Torres’ murder.

The six prisoners were named as follows: Manuel Alejandro Vargas, age 31, Juan Alberto Ortiz, age 18, George Lopez, age 23, Jesus Adrian Rocha, age 38, Jovani Dionicio Ramos, age 29, and Christian Carillo, age 25.

According to the El Paso Times, Ortiz was charged with capital murder while the others were rebooked on charges of murder. Ortiz was awaiting trial after allegedly killing his own mother with a shotgun last year.

It has not been revealed what could have motivated the horrific assault.

According to the sheriff’s office, Torres had been incarcerated since the beginning of June on drug possession and probation violation related to a human smuggling case.

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