Slippery Rock PA Program Provides Tax Credit for Firefighters and EMTs – Bolstering Community Heroes

The borough council of Slippery Rock has enacted a pioneering Slippery Rock PA program that grants a $250 local income tax credit to volunteer firefighters and emergency medical technicians (EMTs).

Slippery Rock PA Program Fights the Nationwide Trend of Decreasing Volunteer Firefighters and EMTs

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 The innovative Slippery Rock PA program seeks to address the pressing issue of dwindling numbers of first responders by providing an incentive for community members to actively participate in these crucial roles. Mayor Jondavid Longo, the driving force behind the Slippery Rock PA program, expressed his deep commitment to acknowledging the indispensable contributions of firefighters and EMTs. In an era marked by increasing challenges for volunteer agencies, Mayor Longo’s vision in his Slippery Rock PA program aims to rekindle enthusiasm among potential recruits, thereby bolstering the town’s emergency response capabilities.

Slippery Rock PA Program Acknowledges Firefighters and EMTs’ Heroic Efforts with Tax Credit

Mayor Longo’s Vision for Revitalization (PHOTO: Matt C)

The Slippery Rock PA program comes at a critical time when the state of Pennsylvania has experienced a steady decline in volunteer firefighters and EMTs over the past four decades, witnessing a stark drop from over 350,000 to a mere 40,000 responders statewide. The Slippery Rock PA program tax credit initiative not only acknowledges the heroic efforts of existing first responders but also endeavors to attract new volunteers to serve the community courageously. Local residents have expressed overwhelming support for the Slippery Rock PA program, recognizing the importance of having a robust emergency response team. Through offering the tax credit, the borough council hopes to create a sustainable and engaged network of volunteer firefighters and EMTs, equipped to handle emergencies and protect the well-being of Slippery Rock’s residents.

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