Social Security update: $914 in double payments will be distributed in 15 days on December 2

A second monthly payment, worth up to $914 for individual filers, will be distributed to millions of Supplemental Security Income claimants in December. This payment will arrive in less than two weeks.

Four weeks after the first payment was delivered, on Friday, December 29, 15 days from now, the second payment will be distributed. A scheduling anomaly occurs several times a year, resulting in two payments to beneficiaries in December. Because January 1st is a holiday, recipients always receive two checks in December.

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Due to weekends or holidays falling on the first of the following month, there were uncommon double payments in many other months in 2023. There will be more rare double payments in 2024. January is a non-paying month as January 1st is always a holiday.

Beneficiaries’ maximum payment amounts are determined by their filing status. In the event that they file as individuals, $914 will be paid each month. The monthly payment rate for couples who qualify is $1,371. A $458 monthly payment is made to essential individuals who live with an SSI recipient and give them with the care they require.

Recipients must meet specific financial conditions and be at least 65 years old in order to be eligible for the benefits. According to the administration, some individuals under the age of 65, including minors, may be eligible for the payments if they are at least partially blind or have a physical or mental handicap that significantly affects their everyday activities and has the potential to cause death within a year.

The Social Security Administration’s calculator allows filers to get a personalized estimate, as not all recipients will receive the full amount. The administration projects a 3.2% increase in the monthly benefit next year.

The Social Security Administration began paying SSI benefits in January 1974, and since 1975, the government has increased payment rates to account for cost of living changes.

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