Social Security update: Second of December double payments worth $914 to be sent out in 21 days

Within three weeks, millions of Supplemental Security Income recipients will be going to receive their second monthly payment in December. This payment would be of worth up to $914 for individual filers.

The first payment of December month goes out on December 1 and after four weeks, the second payment will be given on Friday, December 29. As there is holiday on January 1, that’s why the recipients would receive two payments in December which is very rare in 2023. As on first day of other months fell on  a weekend or holiday.REPUBLICAN DEBATE: MEGYN KELLY PULLS NO PUNCHES WITH BLUNT QUESTIONING

By  the first day of month, the SSI benefits must be delivered, as if on the first day there is weekend or holiday, the SSA will issue SSI checks one day prior to business day in order to make sure that beneficiaries must have received their checks on time.

The amount of payment to beneficiaries depends on how they file.

  • As individuals, recipients will receive $914 per month.
  • For eligible couples it will be $1371.
  • The persons who live with someone receiving SSI benefits will be getting monthly payment of $458.

To be qualified to receive the payments, the recipients must pass the following eligibility criteria-

  • Age of at least 65 and meet financial requirements.
  • Children or adult under age of 65 who are partially blind or have physical or  mental disability that may affect their life or result in death.

Through SSA’s calculator, filers can personalise their estimate and every recipient will not receive the maximum payment. This monthly benefit is expected to rise by 3.2% next year, according to administration.

The SSI payments were first issued by the SSA in January 1974.

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